TreeLink is a land clearing company designed for Landscapers

Bringing your clients vision to life needs the assistance of highly qualified, experienced and professional arborists.

Our highly qualified teams have years of experience working with landscapers on all jobs from backyard pruning and hedging to large scale commercial projects. We guarantee to have a detailed quote to you within 48 hours of our initial site inspection. Failing this, you will receive a 10% discount off the quoted amount.

We’ll conduct an on-site inspection as soon as possible,and keep all parties informed as instructed – owners, tenants, neighbours and the Council. When required we will prepare and submit Arborist’s Reports and any other paperwork the Council requires on your behalf.

One of the things TreeLink highly values is maintaining our excellent safety record. Our company work procedures ensure our staff, the client and the public remain safe throughout our work. We ensure team members assess and protect surrounding trees, plants and property. Copies of SWMS and Hazard Assessments are available on request for you and your client.

Our highly efficient office staff will make contact with your client as soon as possible and our information system ensures no job, or client, is ever forgotten.

We understand the issues faced by Landscapers:

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Contact us today for all you tree maintenance requirements and we’ll be only too happy to conduct a free on-site inspection within 48 hours. Our obligation-free quotes include a risk assessment and clearly marked photographs outlining the work to be done.

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