What are the benefits of a Tree Lopping Service?

To improve the health of the tree

When branches die, its usually due to a lack of light, disease, pest damage or even root structure damage. If a tree is suffering from some form of disease or malnutrition its best to prune the tree back to a healthy state and let it re-grow from there.

For safety reasons

Improving the safety of trees involves removing dead wood, structurally unsafe branches and improving the structural integrity of the tree by weight reduction pruning. Weight Reduction Pruning: is a preventative measure that reduces the risk of limb failures by way of end weight reduction, particularly on lateral limbs.

To thin out the tree’s canopy

Thinning out the tree’s canopy allows more light to filter through which benefits the smaller trees and plants below.  Thinning also increases air circulation through the canopy and reduces wind resistance or sail weight increasing the trees ability to handle strong winds. Thinning must be done selectively to maintain the trees structural integrity and should only be conducted by a minimum AQF Level 3 Arborist

To improve aesthetics

Shaping a tree by way of formative pruning trains the trees future growth and improves the overall appearance.

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