Why Tree Pruning Services is your Best Alternative to Removing a Tree

If your application to remove a tree on your property was rejected it could be for a number of reasons. In this article, we’ll explore those reasons and let you know if you should continue with your application or hire a qualified professional for tree pruning services.

First, if you weren’t already aware, even if a tree is on your property, you will most likely need the local council’s permission to remove it. In order to get council approval, you must first submit an application.

In many cases, they will prefer that you hire a professional for a tree pruning instead of removing it all together. However, there are also many cases where tree removal is necessary. Scroll down to find out more about the regulations in your community.

Why your application for tree removal was rejected

You didn’t submit a report from a qualified arborist with your application. If the tree is listed on the City’s Register of Significant Trees, this is a requirement.

There was missing information. Make sure you reference the City of Sydney’s guidelines for arborists so you’re aware of what should be included in the report.

You submitted a report but the arborist lacked the required credentials.These reports must be written by an arborist with a Diploma of Horticulture or an Australian Qualification Framework (AQF5) or equivalent.

You weren’t aware of your specific council’s regulations. See below for quick links to tree regulations guides for Sydney and its surrounding communities.


What to do next – Tree pruning services vs. an appeal

If you want a review of the decision that was made on your application, you will need to fill out another form within 6 months of the decision date. When you submit the form, you must again include an arborist report with your appeal. Important note: If you use the same company to supply the report, the second assessment must be done by a different staff member. The cost of an appeal is 50% of the original application fee.

Or if your application was denied, you might want to reconsider keeping the tree. Many clients are surprised at the difference professional tree pruning services can have to the overall aesthetic of their yard, as well as to the health of the tree.

A good example of this is; if the tree was recently hit by a storm, while you may be concerned that it has become a hazard if less than 25% of branches are damaged, the tree will most likely survive. It just needs some care to get it back to health.

Or if the tree on your property has become an eyesore, it may be the case that it has fallen victim to poor tree pruning practices, such as ‘topping.’ While this can cause serious damage over time, as long as you get a qualified professional in for a tree pruning service before stress symptoms arise, there is a good chance you can still save the tree. Experienced arborists will also be able to shape it to enhance, rather than take away from the curb appeal of your home.

Trees provide a lot of benefits to your family as well as to the surrounding community so it’s important to carefully consider the reasons you wish to have a tree removed. While things such as fruit and flower drop may be a cause of a short-term annoyance (or simply add to your list of chores) they are not enough to grant a removal, and for good reason. Because trees serve an important role in our communities and to the overall health of our environment.