Discover the Many Benefits of Hiring a Tree Lopper

Most avid gardeners recognise that, despite being skilled in horticulture, it’s best to leave pruning in the hands of a tree lopper. This is because, in addition to obvious safety reasons, there are a number of benefits when you work with a certified arborist to care for your property.

With TreeLink your trees won’t just grow, they’ll flourish

When you work with TreeLink we help you maintain the integrity of your tree(s) so year after year they stay lush and, depending on the species, produce a bounty of flowers, fruit or nuts.

Picking up a set of shears and clipping away a bit of overgrowth may seem like a simple task but different species require specific care so without the expertise of a tree lopper you could unintentionally hinder the growth of a tree or cause irreversible damage. Put our years of experience to work and get the best care for your tree.

A tree lopper will catch problems before they take root

Signs of disease, decay, crowding or instability are not as obvious to an untrained eye. A tree lopper is able to properly diagnose these problems and save you from having to incur the cost of removal down the road by fixing the problem before it even becomes one.

This is especially important if you have a tree or trees in an area that could cause damage to your home, vehicle or to power lines. If you’re suddenly hit by a storm, it’ll give you peace of mind knowing that any load bearing branches are able to withstand the impact. A healthy tree is a safe tree.

TreeLink is safe, efficient and fully insured

TreeLink maintains all necessary insurance documentation to carry out work for all aspects of tree management from residential jobs to large-scale, commercial projects including:

  • Workers Compensation Act
  • Combined General & Products Liability Insurance Policy

Our staff are never seen without required safety equipment such as helmets, earmuffs, goggles or visors, gloves and boots.

Our staff are highly trained

TreeLink also holds ISO accreditation for Quality 9001, Environment 14001 and Safety 4801. We pride ourselves on providing thorough training and ongoing professional development to our staff. This includes how to properly handle chainsaws and handsaws in cramped spaces. As well as how to manage ropes and climbing equipment such as throw lines and harnesses to get in and out of large trees.

We operate and maintain top of the line equipment

Depending on the project it may require the use of large machinery such as volume wood chippers, stump grinders, or an elevated working platform. We only use the best equipment available to professionals in this industry and are meticulous about maintaining each piece of machinery.

A Tree Lopper has local council knowledge

The staff at TreeLink are passionate about horticulture and as a result, we have one of the best teams in the city to tackle any job. Many councils have strict tree removal and pruning regulations that TreeLink are familiar with and can help guide you through any applications process if necessary. To learn more or get a free quote visit our services page.