What to Look for From a Professional Tree Service Company

Trees are great for the environment, yet, over time, some trees in an urban environment can become hazardous to people and surrounding structures. That’s why it’s important to engage a suitably qualified arborist to identify and help mitigate any risks posed by trees. 

So, if you’re a government agency, municipal council, or a property manager you need an expert on board to deal with  trees that are starting to pose a risk in the areas under your control. 

Some of the key things to identify before engaging a tree services company are detailed below. 

All the Necessary Insurance

Insurance is a vital requirement for all tree service companies. If they don’t have the proper coverage, you may end up having to pay for any damage they inadvertently cause to your property, employees, or members of the public.  

By law, arborists must have at least public liability and workers compensation insurance. This should cover you in the event anything goes wrong while they’re working on your site. 

Great Reviews and Referrals

It’s easy to find online reviews about almost anything these days. Look up the company in question and take note of what their customers have to say. Don’t let negative reviews put you off right away, keep reading to see if the tree removal service addressed any issues and resolved them. 

A reputable tree service company will happily provide you with contact details for some of their customers who’ve had similar work done. You’re entitled to find out first hand what these clients have to say. 

Likewise, when you approach a company for an on-going professional tree management contract, ask for references involving projects of a similar scope to yours. 

These referrals will give you a great idea of what to expect from a customer service perspective and help you to gauge how people felt about the work done. Ask detailed questions to make sure the tree service has the skills and experience to manage your project and properties efficiently and safely.

It’s easy to tell if someone’s enthusiastic about referring a company, or if they’re simply going through the motions. 

The Latest Tree Service Equipment

Safety is paramount when it comes to tree services. All employees must have the correct personal protective equipment for the job at hand in accordance with WHS regulations. Any company that doesn’t put the safety of their employees first doesn’t deserve your business. 

Ask questions about the type of equipment they’ll be using to take care of the job at hand and ask them to describe the process to you. This is a good opportunity to make sure you’re on the same page about what’s required. You should also enquire whether they have the necessary range of equipment to deal with projects of multiple sizes according to your requirements.

Trucks, wood chippers, elevated work platforms, stump grinders and cranes are some of the essentials that commercial arborists should have in their toolkit.  It’s also important that all this equipment is of high quality, well-maintained and safe for the job it’s designed to do. 

Experience and Qualifications

Make sure the tree service company you’re thinking of hiring knows what they’re doing. Your research on reviews and referrals will have provided a clear indication of what you’re dealing with, but you need to to check for credentials too.

ISO accreditations are vitally important when you’re searching for a commercial tree service. These processes and standards include ISO accreditations for Quality 9001, Environment 14001 and Safety 4801. These must be certified by an independent auditor to gain official accreditation

Unqualified and/or inexperienced workers could cause serious damage to your property or your trees. The company should have an affiliation or membership with a reputable industry body such as Arboriculture Australia or Tree Contractors Association. Also, they should only employ qualified, properly trained individuals.

Some of the qualifications to look for include:

  • Certificate II in Arboriculture for ground work
  • Certificate III in Arboriculture certifications for supervising and climbing work.
  • Certificate V in Arboriculture for advice and reports.

Price and Paperwork

Never choose a tree service company based solely on them being the cheapest option. Like most things, the cheapest service is rarely the best. You don’t want to get ripped off either though, so let the rest of your investigations determine your final decision.

Rather, place your main focus on value for money. Customer service, convenience, client management skills, and experience are more important than price when it comes to commercial tree removal and maintenance services. 

An ongoing tree management service is essential for commercial properties and housing developments. By maintaining your trees year-round, you can avoid more expensive once-off services down the line. 

End Your Tree Troubles 

TreeLink is ISO accredited for Quality, Safety and Environment, we are a member of Arboriculture Australia, all our staff are qualified arborists with extensive industry experience and we have a range of plant and equipment to handle any tree services project.   

Contact us for a quote, or for more information about partnering your professional organisation with a professional tree management organisation.