The importance of good quality equipment in tree maintenance

It can be tempting to DIY tree maintenance in order to save money but there are some big advantages to leaving it to the professionals. One of them being the difference quality equipment can make. Understanding what is required in terms of training and cost also helps you to better evaluate quotes from different tree lopping companies and ultimately get the results you want.

At TreeLink, we value transparency. It’s important to us that our customers know how we carry out tree maintenance, what we charge for and why. So to demonstrate how the tools in our garage stack up against your typical gardening shed, we’ve listed a few of the key pieces of equipment we use below, along with detail on what each piece is for, and what role it plays in helping us to achieve the quality of work we strive for.

TreeLink owns and maintains a large fleet of heavy machinery and top of the line equipment for tree maintenance. This ensures we get the job done safely, efficiently and to the highest standard. For tree maintenance work, we may utilize one or all of the machinery listed below.

Tree Maintenance and Removal Equipment


Telescopic pole saws
Cost to purchase: $1,200 – $2,000
Cost to rent: $400 per day
What it’s used for: This tool allows us to get to the crown of trees and trim dead or crowded branched with relative ease. Without having to climb the tree.

Wood Chipper
Cost to purchase: $70,000 – $130,000
Cost to rent: $400 – $650 per day
What it’s used for: Chippers turn tree branches, bark and leaves into chips or mulch that can be used to add moisture and nutrients to flower beds. They make use of the debris from any tree pruning or removal service. It’s a great alternative to throwing away organic material and makes clean up faster and simpler, reducing disposal fees that can sometimes be costly.

Stump Grinder
Cost to purchase: Around $15,000 – $40,000
Cost to rent: $400 – $900 per day
What it’s used for: Stump grinders are the safest and most efficient way to remove tree stumps. It is highly recommended that stump grinding be done by trained and experienced professional due to potential safety hazards. These machines also vary greatly in size. They can be anywhere from the size of a small lawn mower to being as large as a car so it’s important to consider transportation of the equipment.

Safety Gear

In addition to the heavy machinery, safety equipment is a must. The gear TreeLink employees are required to wear at any work site includes goggles, hi-vis clothing, gloves, work boots, ear protection, helmet and climbing harness. These may seem like small purchases in comparison to the larger pieces of equipment but it all adds up and it’s important to take them into account as they are critical to reducing your risk of injury.

If you have any questions about any of the equipment contact us today. Or for an obligation-free quote that includes a risk assessment and clearly marked photographs outlining the work to be done give us a call at 1800 438 567.