Sydney Tree Cutting Prices Guide 2018

We’ve compiled tree cutting service prices for 2018 for you because as much as we love trees, there are situations where it simply can’t be avoided and a tree must be removed. Most often this is because a tree has died or has been severely damaged by a storm.

In these circumstances, we highly recommend leaving the work to the pros. Arborists are trained in safe and thorough processes that ensure you won’t have any issues during or after a tree has been removed.

When people decide to DIY tree removal they risk their own safety, the safety of others and their property. They also often run into problems such as a tree sprouting in a new location or a rotten stump becoming home to unwelcome pests.

So while some may think they’re saving money by dealing with it themselves, not working with a professional generally ends up costing more in the long run.

Factors that affect tree cutting service prices

The biggest considerations that account for the cost associated with tree removal are the size of the tree and its location. Below we have pulled together rough tree cutting service prices and estimates for 2018 to help guide you when you are asking around for quotes. NOTE: These estimates do not account for any additional services such as stump grinding.

  • Extra small (Approx. height 2m or less)
    Trees of this size will usually range from $100 – $250 per tree.
  • Small (Approx. height 3m – 5m)
    Species include bottle brush, lilly pilly, conifer or palm trees. These usually range from $300 – $850 per tree.
  • Medium (Approx. height 6m – 12m)
    Species include oaks, casuarinas, liquid ambers, eucalyptus or gum trees. These can range from $1k to $1.5 per tree.
  • Large (Approx. height 12m – 20m)
    Depending on the trunk diameter, trees of this size will usually cost around $2.5k or more.
  • Extra large (Anything 20m or above)
    These trees will usually cost upwards of $5k to remove depending on the complexity and location. Most trees of this size are also protected by the city. So the proper paperwork would need to be attained prior to removal.

Steps to take if you need a tree removed

If you notice damage or have made the decision that you need a tree removed from your property we recommend calling an arborist to do an assessment and help with next steps. TreeLink provide no-obligation quotes at this stage and are happy to help guide you through the entire process listed in the three simple steps below.

  1. 1. Find out if you need permission from your council. Trees which are dead or severely damaged may not require you to go through this process but regardless of the tree’s condition, this is one of the most critical steps to take before tree removal in order to avoid any fines from the city.
  2. 2. If you need permission, work with an arborist to fill out your application. You can find tips on how to get approval here.
  3. 3. Many times council law will require you to plant a tree after one has been removed. There are some important factors to consider before replacing an old tree that you’ll want to read about here.

For a no-obligation quote or to learn more about how TreeLink can help you once a decision has been made to remove a tree, contact us.