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We take great pride in our office staff and information systems. Contact is made with the client 24 hours after the initial inquiry. Site inspections are booked as soon as possible. Every job is tracked. Our unique in-depth information system ensures transparency; clients can track progress daily. All information is available to our clients, including pre-commencement safety meetings, quotes, site photographs, staff log-in and log-out times, and invoices.

TreeLink also takes pride in our safety assessments and procedures. The health and safety of our staff, the trees, the site and any buildings or structures nearby is paramount. All necessary SWMS and hazard assessments are carried out at our initial site inspection. Assessments are recorded on the same iPads used for all pre-project safety meetings. On-site staff strictly adhere to checklists and policies.

To provide excellent service to Government agencies, we have equipment that can handle any project; chippers (12-18 inch), trucks (2-7 tonne), an avant loader, excavators, stump grinders, and EWPs. Our strict plant maintenance schedule ensures our equipment is fully maintained to manufacturers’ working specifications.

Our quality control is second to none. Our post-project checklist ensures the site is left in pristine condition and to the clients satisfaction.

We understand the issues faced by Government Agencies

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Contact us today for all you tree maintenance requirements and we’ll be only too happy to conduct a free on-site inspection within 48 hours. Our obligation-free quotes include a risk assessment and clearly marked photographs outlining the work to be done.

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