What to Consider When Getting Quotes for Tree Cutting Services

When trees are well maintained by a reputable tree cutting service provider, they can add significant value to your property. They provide natural beauty and shelter from the harsh Australian sun.

But since trees are living things it’s important to have trained professionals managing their health so that they don’t end up posing a threat to your safety, your property, or your home.

There are a lot of companies out there offering tree cutting services so it’s important to know what to look for when comparing quotes.

While the level of expertise, service and price will all play major roles in determining who you hire, in the end, we recommend going with a service you trust. Because having a good relationship with your arborist can lead to less stress and save you money in the long run.

How often should a tree be cut or pruned?

Many services would recommend a minimum of once a year, however, there isn’t a true one size fits all solution. How often a tree should be cut or pruned can vary widely depending on the type of tree, its location, and its age.

It’s also hard to know if it’s time to remove a tree because certain symptoms may not be as obvious to an untrained eye. Often times dead branches could be a sign of a more serious problem that needs to be dealt with.

This is why we recommend that you seek the advice of a qualified professional to determine what is required to maintain the health of your tree or trees.

When you get a quote from any tree cutting or pruning service they should be recommending a routine schedule along with the service.

What should be included in a tree cutting quote?

Always look for a company who will provide a written contract with your quote to avoid hidden costs popping up at the transaction stage. And be sure to ask if any damage will result from the service because oftentimes this will alert you to the standards of their practice.

Along with a fixed price, we’ve listed below what should be included in any tree pruning or removal quote:

  • Cutting/pruning and (if it needs to be removed) dismantling of the tree.
  • Site clean-up. Removal of branches and debris.
  • All expenses including fuel, any dumping fees, employee wages, etc.
  • Bucking or cutting the main trunk (if removed) into smaller pieces.

Removing the remnants of the trunk is often not included in a quote but can be costly. Many customers put this wood to use as firewood but it’s important to consider this and ask your arborist what the additional charges will be if you need it removed. Alternatively, you could give it away to your neighbours.

The cost of tree cutting service

The cost can range widely based on the complexity of the job (will it require specialised equipment), the size of the tree and the level of risk involved. It’s important to note the numbers below reflect rough estimates based on averages, there are factors that could push a quote outside of this range.

Tree Pruning

  • 30 Feet to 60 Feet: $350 and $1400
  • 60 Feet and Taller: $800 -$2,400 or more

Tree Removal

  • $350 to $3,500
  • Additional costs include (usually not included in quote)
  • Stump removal $150 to $1200

If you end up receiving quotes that range widely in price, some due diligence may be required to better understand which company is straying far from the median. This is a red flag as it could mean they don’t have the proper insurance or that their equipment or safety procedures aren’t up to industry standards.

Being proactive

If you have the opportunity to trim a tree while it is still young, you lay the foundation for better health and a more desirable shape. Inviting a trained arborist to your property when you first move in when you are thinking of planting a tree can be a great way to set yourself up for the long term. To learn more about our tree lopping services contact us and we’ll walk you through how best we can help.