How to Find a Quality Tree Removal Company

When you are researching to find a quality tree removal company in Sydney, there are several factors that you should consider. Unfortunately, there are many contractors that are not formally trained and do not have insurance because it’s easy for someone to purchase a chainsaw and call themselves an arborist. Always be wary of door knockers.

Offers A Range of Qualified Services

Does the company provide a comprehensive range of tree services which are carried out by qualified arborists? Tree lopping involves more than simply cutting down the tree. Ensure you choose a company that also offers stump removal and clean-up to avoid being caught out when the job is complete.

Insured and Safety Compliant Service

Accidents happen, so ensure that you choose a tree lopper that is fully insured with Public Liability Insurance. This means that they will be responsible if any damage is caused to your property, a neighbours property or a person. It’s very important that any tree removal company you hire has full insurance, and all work and safety is guaranteed, otherwise you could be liable.

They will also wear special clothing and equipment – a helmet, eye and ear protection, hi-vis clothing and chainsaw pants (protects the body from cuts).

Formal Qualifications

An arborist should have an Arboriculture certificate II or III. Tree lopping is dangerous and requires formal education to work safely with trees. They will also be able to name different species of trees and provide information around maintaining tree health.

Local Council Knowledge

An experienced tree lopping company will be aware of the varying local council restrictions for the work being carried out. This is important because if any of the regulations are breached, you must deal with the fine.

Customer Testimonials

Quality tree removal companies will display customer testimonials on their website to demonstrate that a home owner’s satisfaction is very important to them. This is a good indication that they are trustworthy and reliable.

TreeLink has been carrying out tree removal in Sydney for many years and we only hire the best arborists. You can be confident that our extensive experience in the tree industry will give you piece of mind that the job will be completed professionally, safely and with care.