A Quick Guide to Hiring a Quality Tree service Business

With numerous tree loppers, accessible in Sydney, how do you know that you’re choosing a reputable tree service business? Tree lopping can be a dangerous activity, so you want to ensure you hire someone that will do a quality job. We’ve created a quick guide that will help you decide which service provider is suitable:


When looking for a tree service, start by reviewing their website as it will be an indicator of their professionalism. Do they clearly state what service they perform? Do they have photos, testimonials and clear contact details? If they provide details on the equipment, they use this is also a good sign. A professional tree service business will use the latest technology for optimal safety and efficiency.

Fully Qualified & Insured Service

Professionals will usually guarantee their work, which means they will be responsible if any damage is caused. It’s very important that any tree service company you hire is properly insured. Otherwise, if a person or property is damaged, you could be liable. Look for wording along these lines:

  • Safety guarantee
  • Safe work practices adhering to Australian WHS standards
  • Power line safety and boundary clearance
  • Full insurance and all work is guaranteed

Reliable and Punctual

Many tree loppers will need to see the job to ensure an accurate quote is provided, so if they show up on time that is a good sign. You can also ask to speak to referees to get a sense of their reliability if you are concerned.


Tree removal can be quite technical; experienced loppers will judge how the tree and branches will fall and in what direction they will fall. The level of experience can be the difference between the branch falling on the grass vs. falling on your car on a windy day! Experienced tree loppers will also be familiar with local council restrictions for the work being carried out. If a task is done incorrectly and the Council picks up on it, you’ll be the one getting the fine.

We hope this guide gives you confidence in finding a quality tree lopping service in Sydney. We’ve dedicated a page to feature our team members so that you can get a feel for our experience and professionalism. We only hire the best arborists. Each team member has extensive experience in the tree industry, holds at least an AQF Level 2 Arborist Certificate or higher, and undergoes regular training to ensure up to date knowledge, safety awareness and skills.