5 Things You Need to Know About Tree Removal in Sydney

1. Always Check with The Council First

The first thing you’ll need to do is to contact your local council to find out what the regulations are – you will almost always need to seek permission. In most cases, you’ll need a permit to carry out tree removal in Sydney. Some trees are also classified as being protected, and if this is the case, you may find it difficult to get the necessary permission to remove the tree. To avoid hefty fines, always check with your council before you begin.

2. Proximity to Your Home or The Neighbours

Extra care must be taken to safely remove overhanging branches that could cause damage to your home or your neighbours home. Even small branches are usually much heavier than they look. If the tree you want to have removed is overhanging your neighbour’s property it’s best to consult with them and get their permission before removing the tree.

3. Underground Hazards

Once the tree has been cut down and you are left with the stump removal, you may need to be wary of buried cables or pipes that could be damaged by pulling up the tree roots.

4. Fully Qualified & Insured Service

If you are hiring a professional to do the tree removal, you should always check that they are fully insured – with public liability and personal insurance at the least. Ideally, they’ll also have professional indemnity insurance. Tree removal can be dangerous and unpredictable, if cars or property are damaged you could be liable. You also want to make sure that your tree removal company is fully qualified and experienced, and that they have good references.

5. Disposal of Tree Debris

Once the tree has been cut down, you’ll be amazed how much clean-up is involved – wood, branches and debris that simply can’t be left on the curb for regular garbage pickup. Many professional tree removalists have an on-site shredder to reduce disposal costs and make the job easier. Double check that the tree removal cost includes the disposal of all limbs and debris, plus stump removal. You can also have the debris mulched for your garden, which reduces the need to water, which is great for Summer.

If you are seeking a professional team for tree removal in Sydney, contact TreeLink today for a free consultation and assessment.