A Guide to Tree Removal Prices in Sydney

When researching prices for tree removal in Sydney, you’ll probably find the costs will vary greatly between tree removal companies. This is due to the differing levels of service offered. When comparing tree removal prices, be sure to take note of what services are included, and what services are considered extras that will be quoted separately. Tree removal service costs will vary between $350 and $10,000+ per tree.

A basic tree removal service will include the tree being chopped down into manageable pieces. The quoted price will be based on the complexity of the tree removal process, with the following factors being considered:

  • The size of the tree in height and diameter
  • The condition of the tree
  • The location of the tree
  • The type of tree

Services that May Cost Extra

These services are generally considered additional and the prices will vary.

  • Night shift
  • Weekend work
  • Noxious Material
  • Tipping Fees

Stump Removal

Tree removal prices will not include the removal of the tree stump. Homeowners will often get caught out assuming that this is a standard inclusion and then be left with the stump to deal with. Stumps left in the ground can spread and sprout new branches, and they can also attract termites. The fastest and safest way to remove the stump is to have it included in your service on the day the tree is cut down.

Stump Grinding

Many tree service removals will offer stump grinding, which can then be used as mulch for your garden. Mulching your garden improves soil health, prevents water loss (thereby saving water) and suppresses weeds.

Garden Clean-Up

Having all the tree-cuttings removed, with your premises being left clean and tidy is becoming a more common inclusion, but it’s best to confirm, otherwise you’ll be left with the clean-up.

Log Splitting

If you have a fire place, then taking up this additional service will provide you with a healthy supply of firewood.

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