Professional Tree Loppers vs. DIY: A Guide to The Pros & Cons

With so many videos and articles making DIY tree removal look simple, it’s no wonder that people forgo tree lopping services and attempt it themselves. Trees are an essential part of our world and must be taken care of to remain healthy and be safe to the surroundings. If you’ve decided a tree must be removed from your property, there are pros and cons for removing it yourself or using professional tree loppers.

The Pros:

There will be many reasons why you want to remove a tree yourself:

  • The biggest reason people will attempt DIY tree lopping is to save money, and it can seem like the budget friendly option.
  • Many people enjoy spending time working on projects for their home, the sense of achievement is rewarding and can add value to the property.
  • You’re working to your timeline; there’s no need to schedule a contractor or take time off work.

The Cons:

Unfortunately, a lot that can go wrong. Tree removal is more technical than you might think – judging how the tree will fall and in what direction it will fall are very important and something that professionals tree loppers are experienced with.

You could seriously injure yourself or others while removing tree branches. It can be a dangerous activity, even for the professionals.

  • You could fall off the ladder, which is a common injury around the home.
  • You may not have access to the equipment required to complete the job efficiently and safely, such as chainsaws, ropes and harnesses. Guide ropes and mechanical equipment is especially important for removing large branches. Adequate safety equipment is vital – a helmet to protect your head, glasses to protect your eyes and a safety harness to catch you if you fall.
  • Using a chainsaw is a dangerous activity, but imagine having to climb a tree carrying it and then balancing high up on the ladder to use it.
  • What may seem like an easy and fast job may blow out due to inexperience, whereas a professional tree lopper can get the job done quickly.
  • Your lack of experience may also cause you to damage your home, car or the neighbour’s property.
  • Professionals will usually guarantee their work, which means they will be responsible if any damage is caused. Just be sure anyone you hire is properly insured. Otherwise, you can be liable for accidents.

If you decide the risk is too great for DIY, there are many benefits to hiring a professional tree lopping service:

  • Tree Loppers use Safe work practices adhering to Australian WHS standards
  • Power line safety and boundary clearance
  • Tree Loppers offer full insurance and all work is guaranteed
  • High-quality equipment will be used
  • Tree Loppers can provide advice on dealing with your local council
  • Tree Loppers can offer clean up services and tree stump removal
  • Tree Loppers can offer expert advice on the different types of trees and maintaining their health

Avoid the risk of injury, damage to your property and save your precious time by hiring a professional, contact Get lopped today and talk to us about our tree lopping services.