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When you live in Hornsby, with its beautiful tree-lined streets and graceful family homes, there will undoubtedly come a time when you will need to prune or remove a tree. Hornsby Council has very strict tree management policies protecting individual trees and the urban forest. It’s important to discover whether your tree falls under the Hornsby Council’s Tree Preservation Order. It’s illegal to remove or significantly prune any tree covered by the Order. Without Council approval you could face a fine of up to $1.1 million. TreeLink provides a free site inspection and advice. For a small fee we can also submit the paperwork on your behalf.

Even if your tree isn’t on the Order, it’s best to check the Council website for their tree removal and pruning guidelines. If your tree is a particular species and over a certain height or girth the Council requires you to have their permission before going ahead.

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Most people want to remove a tree because:

  • It’s causing an obstruction, or has become a danger to and is damaging its surrounding environment, landscape or buildings which can’t be corrected by pruning,
  • It has a disease, has died, is rotting or decaying,
  • It’s grown too large for its current location and is crowding or harming other trees,
  • It’s considered a noxious species,
  • It has weather damage,
  • It stands in the way of a new development or land clearing.

There are some exemptions to the Order

  • The tree isn’t on the Protected tree List or on a Heritage Conservation Area and it’s not listed as a heritage item.
  • The nearest point of the base of the tree’s trunk is 3 metres or closer to the foundation of an in-ground swimming pool, an approved residential building or a commercial or community building.
  • You haven’t pruned the tree in the last 12 months and you don’t plan to prune more than 10% of the tree’s foliage.
  • The pruning or removal of the tree is required by Clause 23 of the Electricity (Overhead Line Safety) Regulation 1991.
  • It has weather damage,
  • It stands in the way of a new development or land clearing.

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