Has Your Local Council Asked for an Arborist Tree Report?

You will almost always need to seek permission from your local council to remove a tree. The council application process does take time; however, councils will approve applications under these circumstances:

  • If the tree is a safety hazard, likely to cause harm
  • If the tree is infested with insects
  • If the tree is rotting or very unhealthy
  • If the tree is causing severe damage to buildings, gutters, pipes, footpaths or roads

There are of course many other reasons why a property owner would want to remove a tree. If your council has asked for an Arborist tree report to be prepared by an independent arborist, then you will need to book a professional arborist to inspect your tree. An arborist should have an Arboriculture certificate II or III. The arborist will draw up a detailed report with their expert opinion on whether approval for the tree removal should be granted. Based on this report, the council will make their decision.

At TreeLink, our arborists are highly trained professionals with years of experience caring for trees. If you need an arborist report to remove a tree, our qualified arborists will provide you with a report detailing professional evidence as to whether a tree should be removed. The removal of the tree must be justified by evidence that supports its removal. Supporting evidence can include test results and photographs, which will also accompany the report.

Once you’ve submitted the application, it will be assessed, and a council officer may come to inspect your tree. If your request is approved, you’ll receive a permit in writing.

With our free, no-obligation quote, you’ll receive expert advice on the process of successfully obtaining a tree removal permit. We can also help you with all the relevant paperwork. We prepare arborist tree reports for individuals, businesses, civil projects and the government.

For all tree removal services in Sydney, as well as a professional arborist tree report, we can help you to apply for council approval quickly, and without a fuss, so your job can start sooner. Contact TreeLink, your tree arborist services specialists and we’ll be only too happy to conduct a free on-site inspection within 48 hours.