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The Leafy North Shore

Having to prune or remove a tree in the North Shore area can be tricky. The area is unique because of the remnants of distinctive, original bush and forest that can still be found there. The North Shore Council has Tree Management Policies which protect individual trees as well as the urban forest. As a result, if you wish to prune or remove a tree you often need Council permission first.

What will the Council do if I chop the tree down anyway?

Pruning or removing a tree without permission could mean facing a fine of up to $1.1 million. We strongly suggest that you check the relevant Tree Preservation Order if you’re considering pruning or removing trees.

There are exemptions to this

  • The tree appears on the exempted tree List, doesn’t stand in a Heritage Conservation Area and isn’t considered a heritage item.
  • The base of the tree’s trunk, at its nearest point, is 3 metres or less from the foundation of an approved residential building, an in-ground swimming pool, or a business or civic building.
  • The tree hasn’t been pruned in the last 12 months and the current pruning will remove less than 10% of the tree’s foliage.
  • Clause 23 of the Electricity (Overhead Line Safety) Regulation 1991 requires the tree to be pruned or removed.

But what if the tree is about to crush my home?

A tree in that situation should only be removed by a professional qualified arborist. In fact, it’s a wise idea to call in professional arborists to take down any tree as it’s dangerous work. Depending on where the tree is located you may need specialised equipment such as cranes, cherry pickers and on occasions helicopters to safely remove it. Where access is poor, all large limbs and sections must be carefully lowered via ropes and slings so neither the tree nor its surrounds, nearby power lines or structures are damaged. We have highly skilled and trained staff, plus all the necessary tools, which are regularly and thoroughly inspected and tested to ensure they conform and operate according to manufacturers’ specifications.

If your tree is imminently dangerous and there’s no time to get Council permission beforehand, you are required to produce evidence that attests to that afterwards. TreeLink can provide a free on-site inspection, clearly marked photographs and reports on the potential and imminent danger posed by the tree. The Council requires that these reports are done by an arborist with at least a Level 3 Australian Qualified (AQF) Certificate but preferably a Level 5 certificate. TreeLink’s staff, who are all fully qualified, hold certificates that cover Levels 2 to 5. We can help submit the necessary paperwork to the Council for a small fee.

We are committed to focusing on the health and safety of our staff, implementing practices that promote the longevity of pruned trees, and ensuring sites are left clean on completion.

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