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The Shire of Nine Beaches

All individual trees and the urban forest within the Warringah Shire are protected by the Council’s Tree Preservation Order. These strict tree management policies cover every indigenous tree standing within the Warringah Shire, or in a heritage conservation area. You need Council permission before chopping down or pruning a tree. Not only is it’s illegal to remove or significantly prune any tree covered by the Order but without Council permission, you could be fined up to $1.1 million. TreeLink, Sydney’s premier tree maintenance company covers all twenty-five suburbs nestled within Warringah’s 152 square kilometre border.

But if you have a tree that needs to either be pruned or removed immediately, and you can’t wait for Council approval, our expert arborists can inspect your tree and advise you on the best way forward. The Council requires documented evidence, and a recommendation stating why the tree was imminently dangerous from an Arborist with at least an AQF Level 3 certification, but preferably a Level 5. Our staff complement includes AQF Level 2, 3, 4 and 5 Arborists and all of our staff are fully employed.

We like to consider ourselves unique in the Tree Maintenance Industry. All our work practices comply with the current WHS regulations and Australian Standards AS 4373-2007 (Pruning of Amenity Trees). We are ISO accredited for environmental, quality and safety and are fully insured. Our free on-site inspection and obligation free quote includes all risk assessments associated with the project, as well as clearly marked photographs of how the project will be carried out. We keep not only you, but any neighbours that will be affected by the project informed at all times and we leave the site and its surrounds immaculate.

We are committed to focussing on the health and safety of our staff, implementing practices that promote the longevity of the tree, and ensuring sites are left clean on completion.

The 6 Usual Reasons Trees Are Removed

A tree is usually taken out because:

  • The tree has become an obstruction, a danger to or is damaging the surrounding landscape, environment, or structures and the problem can’t be fixed with pruning,
  • The tree has contracted a disease, is decaying, rotting or has already died,
  • The tree is now too large for its current location and as a result is causing overcrowding and harming other trees,
  • The tree is a noxious species and is potentially harmful to native Australian plants,
  • Recent bad weather has damaged the tree,
  • A new development or land clearing is scheduled and the tree is in the way.
  • If your tree has succumbed to old age, weather, architect’s plans, or you think it’s not as healthy as it should be, Contact us today and one of our expert arborists will be able to help with advice, and a quote within 48 hours.

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Contact us today for all you tree maintenance requirements and we’ll be only too happy to conduct a free on-site inspection within 48 hours. Our obligation-free quotes include a risk assessment and clearly marked photographs outlining the work to be done.

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