Sydney Tree Cutting Prices & Cost Guide 2017

If there’s one DIY job that you shouldn’t attempt yourself, it’s cutting down a tree. Unless you happen to have training as an arborist and own the right equipment, it’s always best to hire professional tree loppers to cut down a tree for you. When researching tree cutting prices, you’ll probably find the costs will vary greatly between tree removal companies. This is due to the differing levels of service offered.

Before hiring a company, you can educate yourself about what’s typically involved with tree removal prices. The cost to remove a tree depends on a variety of different factors.

When comparing quotes, take note of what services are included in each quote, and what the extras are that must be quoted separately. The average costs to cut down a tree will vary between $350 and $10,000+ per tree. This is only an estimate and an accurate price can only be provided with an inspection of your tree by a qualified arborist.

Keep in mind when sourcing quotes that tree removal is dangerous, technical work that requires the use of specialised equipment. Make sure your quotes come from qualified, insured professionals.

The most basic quote for removing a tree will include the tree being chopped down into small pieces. The quoted price will be based on the complexity of the job, with these factors being taken into consideration:

  • The size of the tree (height and diameter)
  • Condition of the tree
  • The location of the tree
  • Ease or difficulty of access
  • Necessary safety precautions
  • Transportation and tipping fees

If the tree is near an obstacle, a tree lopper will have to climb up and rope it down in individual pieces. This kind of service will likely cost more. Therefore, on-site quotations are the most accurate way of getting an idea how much your job is going to cost.

Tree Services that Can Cost Extra

As we mentioned earlier, there are additional services that would typically be quoted separately because not everyone will require them and the add-on tree cutting prices will vary.

Stump Removal

Most tree cutting prices will not include the removal of the stump. Homeowners often get caught out thinking this is a standard inclusion and are then left with the remaining tree stump to deal with. The safest and fastest method to remove the stump is to have it included in your service on the day the tree is cut down. Stumps left behind in the ground will spread and sprout new branches, plus they also attract termites.

Stump Grinding

If you’re a keen gardener, then you’ll appreciate a stump grinding service, which will grind up the stump and provide you mulch for your garden. We don’t need to tell you mulching your garden benefits soil health, minimises water loss (saving water) and defeats weeds.

Garden Clean-Up

If you think trees dropping leaves is messy, then wait until you see what the yard will look like after a tree has been cut down. Good quality tree loppers will make sure all the tree cuttings are removed, leaving your yard clean and tidy. A clean-up service is becoming a more common inclusion, but it’s best to confirm, otherwise you’ll be left with the clean-up.

Log Splitting

If you have a fireplace, then you’ll definitely want to take up this service and benefit with a healthy supply of firewood, from your very own yard.

TreeLink has been carrying out tree removal in Sydney for many years and we only hire the best arborists. You can be confident that our extensive experience in the tree industry will give you piece of mind that the job will be completed professionally, safely and with care. Contact us, your tree arborist specialists and we’ll be only too happy to conduct a free on-site inspection within 48 hours and provide a tree removal quote.